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Editor's Note


Zoya Japanwala

Deputy Editor-in-Chief LSEUPR, PK
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The LSE Undergraduate Political Review (LSEUPR) is proud publish this academic year’s second issue which has been edited and compiled by a dedicated team of nine undergraduates who form the LSEUPR’s Editorial Division. This issue is striking owing to the array of articles it has attracted from various domains of political science. Political complexities surrounding minority suppression, voting perceptions, regional relations, public discourses, have made it to this issue, alongside accounts on perceptive analyses of globalisation and human rights. In essence, this issue ardently manifests the LSEUPR’s aim of inspiring undergraduate students to unveil current entanglements of political landscapes and in doing so, encouraging them to remain cognisant of the historical tensions that have articulated such landscapes. Furthermore, the LSEUPR owes the LSE Department of Government and its Head, Professor Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey, immense gratitude for their support in fortifying the LSEUPR’s research and publications. In addition, it is crucial to appreciate LSE Houghton Street Press, which provides students at the LSE with a platform to publish their research in a range of different academic domains. Lastly, this issue could not have been sustained without the guidance and determination of the LSEUPR’s Editor-in-Chief, Sarmed Hyder and the respective leaders of the LSEUPR’s Research, Academic and Marketing Divisions who provided their support and advice throughout the process of publishing. Zoya Japanwala Deputy Editor-in-chief 2021-2022 LSE Undergraduate Political Review
How to Cite: Japanwala, Z., 2021. Editor's Note. LSE Undergraduate Political Review, 4(2), p.1.
Published on 31 Dec 2021.


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