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Paul Kelly

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Head of Department Designate
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The LSE Undergraduate Political Review (LSEUPR) affiliated with the LSE Government Department is now in its fourth volume and year of publication. What began as an exciting but precarious student led initiative has now become an established and well recognised scholarly publication. It has always been a site for high quality scholarly research and writing but as it becomes more established it has developed and expanded that reputation. Each year the editorial team is refreshed with new students that build and enhance the original vision of its founding editor Jack Winterton and early subsequent editors such as Hannah Bailey. The LSEUPR is now a staple of the LSE Houghton Street Press which hosts the innovative and online student research publications. This issue continues the combination of rigour and breadth that has been the signal of the Journal. The articles cover a broad range of issues from the relationship between Taiwan and ASEAN under the two most recent Taiwanese Presidents, to the signalling of minorities and voter suppression: Human Rights and Environmentalism to the impact of Soviet Information policies on the current conduct of Russian Media. Articles draw on political economy and formal modelling as well as comparative politics, international political economy, and the analysis of ideologies. The diversity of methods and questions is matched by the uniformly high standards of scholarship and research that one has come to expect from this Journal. Once again, the broad range of issues and questions will make this a must read for informed students and scholars of political science as well as journalists and policy makers looking to keep up with the best in the field. The Journal’s editorial team deserve recognition and acknowledgement, from Sarmad Hyder, Editor in Chief, Zoya Japanwala, Deputy Editor in Chief, to Archana Pajaniappne, Marketing Director, Katya Broomberg, Research Director and Billy Kavanagh as the Academic Director. These exceptional students combine the complex work of producing a high quality journal with their own studies. They are ably assisted by a team of Associate Editors; Ameera Ahmed, Shunjie Zhao, Aya Wazaz, Namrata Anil Menon, Eshana Amarasinghe, Mark Fernandes, Quido Haskovec and Yiwen Yu. This fantastic new issue not only continues to maintain the tradition of the journal but it showcases some excellent political research and scholarship and the great work of the LSE students and the LSE Government Department. Professor Paul Kelly Head of Department Designate LSE Department of Government
How to Cite: Kelly, P., 2021. Preface. LSE Undergraduate Political Review, 4(2), p.2.
Published on 31 Dec 2021.


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