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Editor's Note


Zoya Japanwala

Deputy Editor-in-Chief LSEUPR, PK
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The LSE Undergraduate Political Review (LSEUPR) is pleased to publish the first issue of its fifth volume. The issue has been compiled by the LSEUPR Editorial Division’s diligent and talented editors; namely, Aya Wazaz, Eshana Amarsinghe, Mark Fernandes, Namrata Anil Menon, Quido Haskovec and Yiwen Wu. This issue captures the catalyzation of political research to the post-pandemic era and therefore, remains distinguished by its’ content. Including an in-depth class analysis of Tunisia’s Arab Spring, a critical examination of China’s anti-corruption strategy and immersive explorations of power, compliance and counter hegemonic terms in various contexts, this issue flaunts remarkable breadth in terms of encapsulating multi-faceted approaches to political power and domination. Research on the geostrategic challenge of the South China Sea and Germany’s China Policy enable this issue to illustrate itself as a globally coherent and relevant publication. Therefore, this issue testifies to the mission of the LSEUPR whereby the scope of political research is widened such that it encompasses borders of geography, ideology, and expression. It remains pertinent to express immense gratitude to the LSE Department of Government and its Head, Professor Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey, and LSE Houghton Street Press for encouraging and aiding the LSEUPR in broadening the horizon of student-led political research. Nevertheless, the compilation, designing, marketing and organization of the Review could not have been accomplished to this exceptional standard without the support and conviction of the LSEUPR’s Editor in Chief, Sarmed Hyder, Research Director, Katya Broomberg, Academic Director, Billy Kavanagh and Marketing Director, Archana Pajaniappane.
How to Cite: Japanwala, Z., 2022. Editor's Note. LSE Undergraduate Political Review, 5(1).
Published on 19 Apr 2022.


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